Daly Back to Golf Following Collapsed Lung

Less than 24 hours after being hospitalized for a collapsed lung while playing golf, two-time Major winner John Daly was … playing golf.

Daly collapsed on the 18th tee at Deerfield Country Club in Canton, Mississippi, on Saturday. He was taken to a local hospital, tests and X-rays were run, and the collapsed lung was found.

Daly’s agent, Bud Martin, blamed the condition on a “lingering rib injury dating back to 2007.”

Daly hurt his hand earlier in the week trying to put a tire on his son’s golf cart, and said that injury led him to change his swing, indirectly causing the lung to collapse.

Despite it all, Daly was back at the country club, and yes, smoking cigarettes in the clubhouse, on Sunday.

I was having a great time and then suddenly — boom — I’m falling down while on the 18th tee and the next thing I know I’m in an ambulance,” Daly said. “It was scary.”

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