Father of PGA Pro Hurley Missing

An emotional Billy Hurley III announced to the media on Tuesday that his father, Willard Hurley Jr. has been missing for nine days.

In Gainesville, Virginia, in front of the Quicken Loans National, Hurley said that his 61-year-old father, a retired police officer, disappeared on July 19.

“Last Sunday, nine days ago, my dad took some clothes, he took some cash, he got in his truck and drove away and no one has heard from him since,” Hurley said Tuesday during a pre-tournament media availability at the Quicken Loans National. “No one really knows why. It’s complete speculation as to why he left.”

The older Hurley has been married to his wife for nearly 39 years and has never shown any signs of distress or mental illness. The tournament site is about 25 miles north of the family home.

Police released a statement following Hurley’s press conference, which indicated that the elder Hurley spent the night in a hotel in Texarkana, Texas, on July 23.  Texarkana is just over 1,100 miles from Hurley’s home in Leesburg, Virginia.

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