Golf : 46% Up

All of the die-hard golf fans among us know golf has had a pretty tough time of it in recent years (unless you happen to be Rory McIlroy).

Golf course memberships used to be a decade-long waiting list. Now, you stroll in with your application form and deposit, and you’ve got a good chance of being in.

For anyone on the equipment side, flat-lining year-on-year sales has been an achievement. Most have been in free-fall. Of course, the odd product here or there has tremendous success (think the Rocketballz driver), but overall, it’s been tough.

Finally, some good news out of the US Open.

Sunday’s viewing figures were a whopping 46% up year-on-year.

That’s the biggest gain since 1991-1992, which was the starting point for a phenomenal growth curve for the sport that really ushered in the modern level of dollar.

Granted, it was the US Open, and the leadership battle was dominated by Americans, but it is still a very encouraging number.

Let’s hope it ushers in a new period of acceleration and growth, of new starters and kids falling in love with the game. God knows, it needs it.

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