US Open Preview: Chambers Bay Holes 1-6

For just the third time in its esteemed history, the US Open will take place at a public golf course, Chambers Bay located in University Place, Washington.

A week shy of its eighth birthday, the course previously hosted the 2010 US Amateur title and is one of the longest courses in the world at 7,585 yards.  The course was previously a sand-and-gravel quarry used primarily for dirt bikes and four wheelers.

Here is the first part of a three-day series chronicling the layout of the course. We start today with Holes 1-6.

#1. Puget Sound, 598 yards, par 5 – This actually can be a par 5 or a par 4 depending on what the tournament committee feels like doing on any particular day. If you aren’t a big driver, you might find yourself shooting blind ont he second shot since a hill crests in the fairway.

#2. Foxy, 399 yards, par 4 – A very narrow fairway with sand dunes at the beginning. If you overshoot the green, you’re in the sand and probably wishing for one of those dirt bikes.

#3. Blown Out, 198 yards, par 3 – Absolutely ridiculous topography. If you hit anything short of the green, your ball will look like its stuck in pinball machine. The wind can be a huge factor here, and it can change not only by the day, but also by the hour.

#4. Hazard’s Ascent, 495 yards, par 4 – The green is a sand peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the stuff. The fairway slopes from left to right and heads uphill most of the way.

#5. Free Fall, 488 yards, par 4 – Elevated around most of the rest of the course, there are picturesque views of Puget Sound and Chambers Bay but also huge bunkers on either side of the fairway.

#6 Deception Point, 495 yards, par 4 – The deception comes from the fact that it can either act as a short straightaway or a long, dogleg right.

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