Legal Docs Reveal Woz Told McIlroy Not to Help UNICEF

There’s nothing like a legal battle to reveal ugly things about ourselves and our favorite celebrities.

As Rory McIlroy’s battle with his former agency continues, a news report indicates he backed out of donating $500,000 over three years to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on advice from then-girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki.

An email from McIlroy’s former agent, Conor Ridge, to a business partner, on the matter reads:

“The whole thing is a mess Moz [Colin Morrissey]. Following a conversation I had with Rory some months ago, he committed to donating $500,000 for three years from himself and the Rory Foundation.”

“He seemed to do a U-turn a couple of weeks ago because Woz (Wozniacki) told him that giving donations to big NGOs like that is stupid because you don’t know where the money goes and also because she had spoken to him about focussing their efforts of having a Foundation together.

“UNICEF makes if very clear where the money is going to go and intend to show this to him next week.”

Horizon, McIlroy’s former representation, is now counter-suing the star for $9 million.


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