For Sale: Indiana Estate with TWO Golf Courses

Didn’t get what you wanted from Santa this Christmas? Well if you’ve got an extra $25 million on hand following your purchases, we’ve got just the gift for you.

Asherwood Estate in Carmel, Indiana, is up for sale. The property is a 51,267 square-foot main house set on 106 acres of property including two 18-hole golf courses designed by architect Steve Smyer.

List price? $25 million.

The home has seven bedrooms, eight full bathrooms and another 16 partial bathrooms, which would seem to imply you’re never more than about 3 feet from a sink or a toilet.

Built in 1999, it has 36 rooms in all and the courses are served by a 7,000 square foot club house. That’s right the club house is bigger than just about every one of our current actual houses.

Other features of the home include a 40’x60′ great hall with 18′ ceilings; a library with 10,000 books;  a formal dining room that seats 26; a private 12-seat  movie theater; and a combination spa, gym, and cabana room.

Not surprisingly, the property listing has its own website, which can be viewed here.

If you do buy it, let us know when we can come over.


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