Patrick Reed’s Wife Hospitalized

In a harrowing tale that will likely keep him off the course for a while, Patrick Reed withdrew from the Franklin Templeton Shootout after his wife suffered a grand mal seizure at their Florida hotel on Tuesday.

Justine Reed, who has caddied for Patrick on many occasions, was in the hotel bathtub at the time, and would have likely drowned had her husband not been in the hotel room with her, and realized she was in danger.

“I withdrew from [Wednesday’s] pro-am to be with my wife, Justine, who suffered a grand mal seizure [Tuesday] afternoon while in the bathtub,” Reed said in a statement. “We are really fortunate that she is OK and lucky that I was in the room with her to save her from drowning.”

A grand mal seizure is caused by abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain, and features a lost of consciousness and violent muscle contractions.

It is unknown if seizures are part of Justine’s family history. She and Patrick had their first child, a daughter named Windsor-Wells, in May.

The 24-year-old Patrick Reed has three PGA wins in his short career.

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