Golf Digest: Week of 12 January 2018

This is the first of a weekly series of golf tidbits that we put together over the course of the week. If you see stories we’re missing, please drop us a line.

Jordan Spieth engaged

World No. 2 Jordan Spieth who has already racked up three Grand Slams in his brief PGA career, has confirmed his engagement to longtime girlfriend Annie Verret.

Verret and Spieth went to high school together. She attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock while he was at the University of Texas in Austin. Verret works for The First Tee, which is a youth development organization to get kids interested in golf.

Rory McIlroy reveals heart condition

Rory McIlroy is getting set to come back from four months off with a rib injury but has revealed to the Daily Telegraph that a viral infection he suffered last  year in China has led to a heat condition caused by a thickening of his left ventricle due to the formation of scar tissue. As a result, McIlroy has what is known as a ‘flat T wave” which means his ventricles don’t recover all the way when they contract and expand. McIlroy will require echocardiograms every six months to keep an eye on the condition, but his physical conditioning should keep it from developing into a real problem.


Jon Rahm Moves up to No. 3

Spaniard Jon Rahm took over the No. 3 spot in the world from 2017 PGA Player of the Year Justin Thomas this week. Rahm finished second at the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii last weekend. Rahm’s average points total is now at 8.7926; Thomas is at 8.3032. Remarkably, Rahm is within striking distance of catching #2 Spieth, who is currently averaging 9.0265 points per tournament.

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