Tiger Woods’ DUI Video Hits Internet

If we were all judged by the worst day of our lives, if that day was somehow recorded on video,  then promoted across the world as your worst day ever, and made available for anyone with the Internet to watch, rewatch, comment and judge … well none of us would ever leave the house.

But Tiger Woods has to leave the house, if only to continue his rehab as he tries to get back on the PGA Tour sometime in the near or distant future. The guy has commitments to organizations and charities and speaking engagements and endorsements. That’s what happens when you’re the greatest golfer of your generation, even though a whole new generation appears to have passed you by.

As my wife points out, this probably isn’t even Tiger’s worst day, that probably came during the revelation of his many extramarital affairs back in the previous decade. But that was tabloid fodder and prepared statements, not video evidence showing a guy who so fervently wants to be in control all the time looking clueless to do things as simple as following a light with his eyes or walking in a straight line.

You almost want to pity Tiger for his condition until you remember he was behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle when all of this happened. His 2015 Mercedes had two flat tires and damage to two rims, both bumpers, and had a tail light out. Tiger didn’t just pull over and fall asleep on the side of the road. He was driving while completely spaced out, and hit something or a lot of somethings before coming to a stop. He should be counting his lucky stars that he is alive today to face the shame and embarrassment. He’s blessed that even in his warped state he remembered to put his seatbelt on, or today’s headlines easily could have read: “Golfer Woods dead in one-car crash” or “Tiger in jail awaiting trial for vehicular manslaughter”.

He might think his body is the only thing holding him back from getting back on the PGA Tour, but his body isn’t what needs fixing right now.

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