Golf Channel to Show Tiger’s 14 Majors on Dec. 30

In honor of Tiger Woods’ 41st birthday this December 30, the Golf Channel will run highlights from all 14 of his Major wins starting at 6 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m.

Woods’ 14 Majors started at the 1997 Masters and ended at the 2008 US Open.

The 1997 Masters is best remembered as Woods’ first Major as a professional. He shot 18-under to become the youngest Masters champion ever at age 21.

He won the 1999 PGA Championship next, then the 2000 US Open, which he won by 15 strokes, largely regarded as the most dominant performance in Major history. He completed his career Grand Slam at the 2000 British Open, an 8-stroke victory. He was the youngest person (age 24) to win the Open Championship.

A few weeks later he shot 18-under at the PGA Championship to become the record-holder for lowest score at all four Majors. When he won the Masters again in 2001, he completed the “Tiger Slam” – holding all four titles at once.

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