Ranking Furyk’s 58 Among Sports Records

Jim Furyk’s epic 58 on Sunday is a golf round for the ages, the first of his kind, and coming at the end of a tournament that he had to birdie his final two holes on Friday just to make the cut.

How does it compare historically to some of sports other great records? Here’s a closer look


Jim Furyk’s Round of 58

1929: PGA Tour Starts

1977: Al Geiberger shoots a 59 at the Memphis Classic – the first of its kind, coming on in the 48th year of the Tour.

2016: Furyk shoots the game’s first 58, 39 years after Geiberger’s 59.

Roger Maris’ 61-Home Run Season

1903: Major League Baseball Founded

1927: Babe Ruth first man to hit 60 home runs – in 24th year of league.

1961: Roger Maris first man to hit 61 home runs  – 34 years after Ruth’s 60.


Roger Bannister’s Four-Minute Mile

1912: IAAF begins certifying outdoor track and field records.

1945: Sweden’s Gunder Hagg sets a new world record by running the mile in 4:01.4, 33 years after a formal mark is first recognized.

1954: Bannister runs the mile in 3:59.4, the first sub-4 minute time.


Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game

1946: NBA is founded.

1960: Elgin Baylor scores 71 points against the New York Knicks. He is the first player to break 65 points in a game.

1962: Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points against the Knicks. No other player has scored more than 81 points since.



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