Kid Golfer Aces 1st Hole at Tiger’s Bluejack

It was like a scene from a decade ago – a big crowd surrounding Tiger Woods as an amazing tee shot is hit.

Except Woods wasn’t the golfer, just a proud owner of the Bluejack National Golf Course which opened its 10-hole short course outside of Houston over the weekend. The golfer was 11-year-old Taylor Crozier of nearby Corpus Christi, Texas, and on the first official shot of the course’s existence, he aced the first hole, sending the crowd into hysteria and earning himself a fist pump, huge smile, and giant bear hug from Woods himself.

Crozier was introduced to the crowd as “having never missed a day of school this year – until today.” The BlueJack has nine traditional holes and 10 short holes. It’s the first course Woods has designed in the US and has a burgeoning community built around it. The club itself is located on 755 acres and includes 386 residences and 550 memberships, along with tennis courts, a spa, pools, zip lines, a treehouse, bowling alley, movie theater, football field, miniature version of Fenway Park, a skate park, and multiple dining options.

Crozier had taken part in a fundraiser to enter a drawing for a chance to play with Woods. When he hit the ace, a jubilant Woods asked the throng of fans, “Are you kidding me right now?”

For his ace, Crozier received a tiger-head golf club cover and the red pin from the hole, which both he and Woods signed. It’s the youngsters first hole-in-one; he’s been playing golf for three years. According to Crozier, he finished first at the first tournament he ever played.



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