Woods Lashes Out at Critics with Twitter Vid

Tiger Woods posted a short video of himself practicing on his Twitter account on Wednesday, showing off his comeback after social media comments suggested that he was struggling to recover or even sit in a moving vehicle.

Long-time Woods’ agent Leigh Steinberg fervently denied the rumors of Woods’ poor health.

“This was meant more for all of Tiger’s fans who had reached out since all of this erroneous reporting came out over the weekend that he was so disabled he had to sit in the passenger seat of a car,” Steinberg said. “So many had reached out and wondered if this was the end and if this was true. This was meant to give the most recent update.”

It’s been six months since Woods plaeyd in a tournament. He’s turned 40 in that time, and since losing the No. 1 ranking in 2013 to Adam Scott, has dropped out of the top 400.

Woods has yet to set a timetable for his return, with speculation from him playing The Masters in less than two months to missing the entire 2016 season.

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