Day Admits Vertigo Bout at Open Championship

Jason Day missed a real shot at his first win at a real Major title last June when a bout of vertigo took him out of contention at the US Open. A few months later, he broke through with a win at the PGA Championship.

But it wasn’t until this week that Day revealed that the vertigo didn’t end at the US Open, but followed him to The Open Championship last summer where he again suffered dizziness during the rain-delayed Saturday session.

“It came back, but I didn’t tell anyone about it because it would be a lot more questions that would happen, and it wasn’t as severe,” Day said Saturday at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Maui. “I was a little dizzy that day, and it happened the Saturday of the Open Championship. I just kept my mouth shut about it because I knew that it would open another can of worms, and I didn’t want to talk about it.”

Day said not staying on top of his medicine caused the episode, but a combination of cortisone and handling his medication has kept the illness in check since then.

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