Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala Augusta-bound after NBA Finals Win

Steve Kerr, Head Coach of NBA Champions Golden State Warriors made a promise to two of his players, win the NBA Finals and you’ll play Augusta National. Both players have held up their end of the bargain by defeating the Cleavland Cavilers 4-2 in the NBA Finals, but will Kerr follow through?

Before Andre Iguodala received his NBA Finals MVP award, he was already making plans for Kerr’s promise. ESPN caught up with Iguodala who told them what he was saying to Curry, “When we won, I’m yelling at Steph, ‘We’re going to Augusta!'” Iguodala said. “You know how everybody goes to Disneyland? We’re going to Augusta.”

If Steve Kerr can’t follow through with his promise, I’m sure there wouldn’t be a shortage of members who would love a game with both NBA MVP’s!


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