US Open Preview: Chambers Bay Holes 13-18

This is the third part of a three-part series looking closer at the course at Chambers Bay, home of the 2015 US Open which commences Thursday in University Place, Washington.

#13 Eagle Eye, 534 yards, par-4: If you’re lucky, you might spy a real bald eagle of two on the islands nearby, apparently they were quite interested during the course’s construction. A huge central bunker here in front of the green means your second shot needs to be perfect.

#14 Cape Fear, 546 yards, par-4: The name might be little cheesy (a lot really), but the downhill nature and the ridiculous narrowing of the fairway make this one pretty scary.

#15 Lone Fir, 246/167 yards, par-3: The Lone Fir, not to be confused with Lone Pine in Marty McFly’s Back to the Future, is the only tree on the course. There’s an elevated tee box that is buffeted by the wind all day long, meaning if you pick the wrong club … well, just don’t do that.

#16 Beached, 423 yards, par-4: The entire right side fo this one is a bunker, and there’s a slope down to it, so most hit their tee shot as far left as possible. The green is the smallest on the whole course.

#17 Derailed, 218 yards, par-3: There are two teeing grounds here and the breeze is often up. The putting surface is also split in two, which means if you aren’t deadly accurate, your ball will roll.

#18 Tahoma, 604/525 yards, par-5/4: The green has multiple levels and lots of contours that are going to make it tough for anyone trying to make up ground late in the round. Bunkers dot the fairway, so mistakes must be small ones.

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