US Open Preview: Chambers Bay Holes 7-12

This is part two of a three-part series breaking down Chambers Bay, the site of the 2015 US Open.

#7. Humpback, Par 4, 482 yards – Long, uphill, and turns from left to right as you go. Another blind approach if you stay safe and left. The name describes two different areas of the course as well as the whales that can be seen off the coast from time to time.

#8 High Road / Low Road,Par 5, 557 yards  –  The hole widens out after a very narrow tee box area, and the high road is a long undulating crest on the right side that gives you a great look at the green if you can stay up there. If not, it’s going to be back to the low road or into the trees.

#9 Olympus, Par 3, 227 yards – A tribute to Mount Olympus – the one across the bay, not the one where Zeus held court – the tee box is the highest point on the course, and a full 100 feet above the green.

#10 High Dunes, Par 3, 398 yards – Since it used to be a sand quarry, the Chambers Bay designers had no problem accessing extra sand to play around with. This hole splits the two largest sand dunes on the course, which border the green, which also has deep bunkers to contend with.

#11 Shadows, Par 4, 457 yards – The shadows come into play as the sun goes down, so if you have a late tee time, hurry up! The green is no picnic, sloping right to left with a ridge bisecting it.

#12 The Narrows, Par 4, 281 yards – Not as scary as The Narrows in Batman’s Gotham but any hole named after a bridge that collapsed during a windstorm 70 years ago can’t be good. There’s a bunker just off the front left that can gobble up short shots, but the heavy hitters can let it fly and find an eagle here.

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