History of Sawgrass’ 17th – Island Green

Just 28 balls went into the water at last year’s Players Championship on the 17th hole of the TPC Sawgrass, which might sound like a lot if you didn’t know that the number has been above 60 every year from 2005-2008, including a whopping 93 in 2007.

The hole is famous for being a game-changer in many editions of the Players Championship, and has turned more than one Major winner into major pain, including 1986 PGA Championship winner Bob Tway, who hit a 12 there in 2005, putting his first four shots in the water.

There have been only six aces in the history of The Players Championship, none since Miguel Angel Jimenez aced it in 2002. The other men to ace it have been Brad Fabel (1986), Brian Claar (1991), Fred Couples (1997), Joey Sindelar (1999), and Paul Azinger (2000).

If any one man can say he owns the 17th, it’s Azinger, who also is the only man in tournament history to birdie the 17th (a par-3) all four rounds in one year – the 1987 Players.


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