20-Year Flashback: Presidents and Hope Tee off at Humama

With the Humana Challenge in full swing Thursday, it’s worth a look back 20 years to the tournament’s timeline to the remarkable 1995, when defending champion Scott Hoch played in perhaps the greatest fivesome of all time for a round – himself, tournament host Bob Hope, former US Presidents Gerald Ford and and George H.W. Bush and then-current US President Bill Clinton.

Clinton, youthful and years before the sex scandal that would rock his second term in office, joked that he and Bush, whom he defeated for the presidency in 1992, were going to “play political golf, not too far left, not too far right.”

With Tiger Woods still two years shy of his first Major, Clinton also prophetically quipped that “one of the nicest things about golf is that it’s really becoming a sport for every man and woman in America.”

Bush, in a more recent interview, lamented for Hoch having to play with the “old guys.”

“Poor guy was trying to make a living, but instead he drew the black bean and had to play with us.”

It is the only recorded time that three US Presidents played golf together. Despite being surrounded by three master statesman, Hope, who passed away in 2003 at age 100, still had the best line of the day.

“Clinton had the best score, Ford the most errors, and Bush the most hits… me, I cheated better than ever.”

Bush shot a 92, Clinton a 93, and Ford liberally given a 100.



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