Tiger Turns 39, Any Majors Left?

Tiger Woods likely had no problem turning 39 on Tuesday, given how lousy and injury-plagued 2014 was for the 14-time Major winner.

A new swing coach, and a new sponsor have been his calling card in the last month or so, but how much of a chance does he have of regaining one the championship at one of golf’s four Major tournaments in 2015?

Three players have won multiple majors after age 38, and all three are ranked with Woods among golf’s all-time greats.

Sam Snead won The Masters at ages 40 and 42, and also took the PGA Championship at 39 – three of his seven career Majors came after he reached Woods’ current age.

Ben Hogan won the Masters, the US Open, and the Open Championship in 1953 when he was 40. He also won the Masters and US Open at 38.

Of course, the greatest example of Major success after 40 comes from Jack Nickalus, who won both the US Open and PGA Championship at age 40 in 1980, then became the oldest Masters champion with his legendary win at age 46 in 1986.

For Tiger, the health must come first, and second, the mental toughness that has seemed largely vacant since his 2009 fall from grace and divorce.



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