Montgomerie: Rory Better Than Tiger

Colin Montgomerie made a lightning rod of a statement earlier this week,voicing his opinion that Rory McIlroy is currently playing a higher level of golf than Tiger Woods ever did.

Bold words considering Woods won 14 Majors between 1997-2008, and won his “Tiger Slam” at age 25, the same age McIlroy is now.

“Tiger Woods is going to come back into the frame,” Montgomerie said.”Is he going to be able to get back, not just to the levels he was, but better than that? Because that’s where Rory McIlroy’s taken the standard of golf: to one level beyond where Tiger was.”

McIlroy won the Open Championship and PGA Championship in 2014, along with the Race to Dubai crown. Montgomerie said he should be the favorite not just at the 2015 Masters, but everyy Major in 2015.

“If I was a gambler,which I’m not, I’d put money on that,”Montgomerie said.”He’s that dominant, and that good.”


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