Stewart Golf’s New R1 Push Trolley

Premium British manufacturer Stewart Golf has announced an all new push trolley that will be built by hand in Gloucestershire.

While the folded size of the new R1 Push is 33% smaller than the outgoing Z3, the console of the machine has 4 times more volume and more features than its predecessor.

Specially designed self adjusting bag jaws will accommodate any style of stand, cart or tour bag, and an innovative new silicone bag strap both adjusts to bag size and grips at the same time.

The folding system for the all-new R1 Push (£199) is based on a sturdy rack and pinion system, a first for the golf industry.

The patent-pending design hides the folding mechanism within the bespoke aluminium alloy frame, dispensing with any external sliding or tensioning parts.

The result is a very clean aesthetic with a single strong key line running right through the machine.

Stewart Golf CEO Mark Stewart said, “We have a reputation for stepping outside the traditional confines of the trolley market and the R1 Push is another important step in that direction. It’s truly an innovative product that both simplifies and improves what there is on the market.

“Although the genesis of the R1 Push was the rack and pinion folding system, the focus on the user experience on the golf course was paramount throughout the design process. We have been able to cram a plethora of features into the handle whilst keeping the aesthetic uncluttered.”

Every component on the R1 Push is unique, specifically designed for the new product. In addition, the R1 Push will be hand built in Great Britain, in a new facility close to the factory where the company’s premium X and F Series powered products are made.

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