The Golf Channel’s host of School of Golf, and the 2008 PGA National Teacher of the Year, Martin Hall, has chosen Foresight Sports GC2 for use in his coaching, analysis and personal practice.

Hall, 58, is now a huge fan and an advocate of the Game Changer 2 (GC2) and HMT systems from Foresight Sports after being immediately hugely impressed with the accuracy of the unique dual-camera technology.

The head teaching professional at Ibis Golf & Country Club, in Florida, Hall explained: “GC2 and HMT from Foresight Sports is a must.

“If you are serious about teaching better or playing better you simply have to have the GC2 and HMT. The combination of the two units is second to none.

“Golf is what the ball does…and what the ball does is what the club does. With GC2 and HMT you can directly measure, with great accuracy, the angle of attack, the face angle, the spin, the starting direction of the ball, even lie angle and impact location on the face.

“It’s absolutely superb, which is why I use GC2 and HMT in my garage at home every day, and why I use them with my students. And I would say, without exception, that every student I’ve worked with using GC2 and HMT has improved.

“When you take all the factors into consideration – accuracy; the fact it works equally well indoors or out; ease of use; the depth of data it provides – there’s no doubt that Foresight blows the other technologies out of the water; I could see that immediately.

“It has unprecedented accuracy levels and is not affected by down-range conditions. And the data it produces is directly measured without any calculations, estimations or algorithms.

Hall’s coaching CV stands comparison with any of his contemporaries: with more than 30 years of experience as a golf professional, he has won numerous awards for his teaching, including Florida chapter teacher of the year and Florida section teacher of the year.

He is a master professional of the PGA of Great Britain, a member of the Golf Magazine top 100 coaches, has been in the Golf Digest top 50 coaches since the inception of the rating system, and is currently ranked as the number 10 teacher in the USA.

Hall is also golf instruction editor for the Major Series magazine, has written more than 100 instruction articles published in magazines across the world and was coach to the youngest winner of a women’s major, having taught 2007 Kraft Nabisco champion Morgan Pressel from when she was nine-years-old.

Ed Doling, Foresight Sports Europe’s sales director, added: “Martin Hall’s experience of Foresight Sports GC2 and HMT is similar to the majority of people who see it for the first time – they’re astonished by the accuracy of the data we present.

“We know that once people see it in action and run through the differences between it and existing analysis systems, they start to see the huge range of benefits it offers, not least of which is the fact that our Foresight technologies directly measure all the data they provide, whereas the radar systems do not.

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