We test the TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons.

As with most TaylorMade irons, the SpeedBlades look great behind the ball. The smoky grey anti-glare finish is superb and the combination of the lighter grey face insert with the white alignment line on the bottom groove makes it easy to line up square to the target path.

In our opinion, the club is definitely aimed at improving golfers, rather than very low handicappers, so the club’s top line isn’t thin and this inspires confidence. It looks every inch an iron that is going to get the ball airborne.

A small amount of offset will definitely please the higher handicap golfer as this helps the club to release through impact and fight off a slice. But it’s not so huge that better players will be put off either.
Wow! First hit for tester 1 (hcp 18) resulted in a long, draw. The feel from the clubface was soft yet powerful and the ball took off like Usain Bolt on a boring trajectory before climbing with a high, gentle draw. Next hit was the same story, a beautiful draw with superb length.
Our tester remarked how solid he felt the clubs were at impact. There was no ‘tininess’ or ‘vibration’ at strike, due in part to the polymer filling of the Speed Pocket.

There’s no argument that the SpeedBlades are one of the modern breeds of golf clubs where distance is a premium. Our tester is the owner of a current set of Ping G10s with stiff graphite shafts and he reckoned the SpeedBlades were 15 yards longer at least.
The lower centre of gravity gets the ball airborne easily and the ball seriously travels! The Speed Pocket and thin face definitely combine well.

Who will they suit?
This is an interesting area. The SpeedBlades are a genuine advancement from the previous RocketBladez irons, but might not be enough of a leap for mankind to persuade RBZ owners to swap.

However, for any golfers out there with irons more than a couple of years old, then we’d suggest the increase in performance that’s likely will be significant. This makes them a very serious option if you’re in the market for a new set of irons.

What we tested:
SpeedBlade 7 iron with 85gram steel stiff flex shaft. Regular grip size.

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