Will Ferrell Offers Suggestions for Pinehurst Upgrades

10 June 2014, Posted by , , , , 0

Comedian Will Ferrell recently sat down with the Golf Channel to help promote this week’s US Open at Pinehurst No.2 in North Carolina.

Ferrell dug deep to think of ways the tour could make Pinehurst more difficult for the best golfers in the world.

“At this point, I think booby trapping is the way to go,” Ferrell deadpanned. “Dig little pits that if you step in, you fall 20 feet into a pit of snakes and barb wire.”

He went on to add that the tour should consider releasing “big game cats that haven’t been fed in a month” on the course, or even “turn it into the Hunger Games meets the US Open. I would watch that. Exploding golf balls would be a little appetizer.”

An avid golfer, Ferrell has used his celebrity and love of the sport for charitable contributions, hosting the Will Powered Golf Classic in Texas in 2010 to raise money for the charity, Cancer for College.

Ferrell also addressed a fashion idea for the Tour during his interview with the Golf Channel.

“A look that would inspire people and get people interested would be if a lot of the golfers started wearing tight tank tops. If it’s a hot day, it could be mesh. Maybe really tight shorts. I know shorts aren’t allowed on the tour, but a fashionable, tight, European cut short.”

Also on the interview, which can be viewed in its entirety here, Ferrell endorses Jason Dufner as the 2014 US Open champion and claims his favorite Open winner of all-time was Nolan Ryan, who was then disqualified because he was also playing professional baseball at the time.

“The Open doesn’t want you to know about that,” Ferrell warns.


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