Phenom Fitzpatrick Makes Tour Debut Thursday

10 December 2014, Posted by 0

England’s Matthew Fitzpatrick is one of the European Tour’s most heralded rookies in some time, and he’ll make his tour debut Thursday at the Dunhill Challenge in South Africa after impressing during the final stage of Qualifying School.

He won his card by finishing 10-under par through six rounds at the PGA Catalunya Resort earlier this year.

Fitzpatrick earned several wild cards last summer and fall on the tour.

“Playing on my European Tour invites this season, I realized that I want to be doing that every week. We’re just so well looked after, and at the Scottish Open in particular I didn’t play too well, but the event was fantastic and made me think that I want to do it every week. Of course everyone says that, but now I have the chance to, and I can’t believe it.” he said.

Fitzpatrick will tee off at 11:40 a.m. local time with Jean Hugo and Daniel Brooks.
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