Suzy Whaley First Female PGA Officer

9 December 2014, Posted by , , , , 0

Suzy Whaley was elected the secretary of the PGA on Saturday, making her the organization’s first-ever female officer.

“It’s an incredibly special day for me, my family, the Connecticut section and our members,” Whaley told the Associated Press. “Our association has a long-term strategic plan and I’m excited to part of implementing that plan. We have so many opportunities to bring diverse groups into the game, that’s what I’m excited about.”

If Whaley stays on board, her career course will have her become the PGA’s first female president in 2018. Traditionally, those elected secretary spend two years in the role, then two years as vice president and president.

The same meeting saw Derek Sprague named the new PGA president, replacing the ousted Ted Bishop. Sprague was already serving as interim president.

Bishop was forced out of office after calling the UK’s Ian Poulter a “little school girl squealing during recess” on Facebook, and also referring to him as a “Lil Girl” on Twitter.

Bishop was asked to resign in October and refused, then was impeached by the PGA Board of Directors.

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