European Tour’s George O’Grady Stepping Down

5 November 2014, Posted by , , 0

George O’Grady, Chief Executive of the European Tour, has announced he will retire from the position and has asked the Board of Directors to begin seeking out his replacement.

O’Grady hadn’t planned on making the announcement until the last tournament of the year, but rumors in the media sped up the process.

O’Grady has been Chief Executive since 2005. He is only the third Chief Executive in the tour’s history, following JOhn Jacobs (1971-1974) and Ken Schofield (1975-2004).

His resume as CEO is not short: In the last 10 years, O’Grady has introduced the Race to Dubai and the Finals Series, augmented the importance of the Ryder Cup, and pushed to have golf reinstated in the Olympics.


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