Talk Show Host Jimmy Fallon Skewers PGA Championship Photos

12 August 2014, Posted by , , , , , , 0

A definitive sports fan, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon enjoys incorporating athletes and athletics into his skits and monologue as often as possible.

He turned his radar to the just-completed PGA Championship on Monday night’s show, offering up “Tonight Show Superlatives” based on players’ head shots.

Tournament winner Rory McIlroy was voted “Most Likely to be in a Golf Boy Band Called Hole-in-One Direction” while Angel Cabrera crowned “Most Likely to Have Swiftly Walked to the Bathroom Immediately After This Photo was Taken.”

And Fallon did not waste the opportunity to bring back up the famous video clip of him defeating Tiger Woods at his own video game a few years ago.

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