Lamkin congratulates Horsey on Russian win

31 July 2014, Posted by , , , 0

Lamkin Corporation has congratulated David Horsey on his Russian Open win.

Equipped with Lamkin UTx grips on all his clubs, Horsey produced an incredible final round finish, edging out a fellow Lamkin user Damien McGrane in the play-off.

The UTx from Lamkin, as used by the winner, features the company’s unique tri layer technology.

Two layers of different firmness ACE 3GEN material and a moisture wicking fabric weave combine to deliver an incredibly secure, tacky connection to the club that provides superior traction in all weathers.

The Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN grip used by McGrain is a simulated leather wrap design with a minimal surface pattern.

With vibration dampening properties and a super-tacky finish the Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN provides a secure connection to the club with a light pressure grip.

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