A Win for Rory McIlroy Would Make Dad’s Bet a Reality

20 July 2014, Posted by , , 0

You can almost imagine the gleam in the eye of the bookie who took the bet from Gerry McIlroy 10 years ago, when the father of Rory McIlroy and three friends each put down £100 that his then teenage son would win the Open Championship before he turned 26.

Rory was a member of Europe’s winning 2004 Junior Ryder Cup squad that year, but still the bet must have seemed audacious – how many great athletes excel at an early age, only to never truly accomplish anything great in the professional realm?

Of course, McIlroy started taking the golf world by storm, and nearly won his dad the bet in 2010, when he finished third at The Open. He won the US Open in 2011 and the PGA Championship in 2012, and is now 18 holes away from delivering a check for £200,000 (about $342,000) to his father.


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