Stenson Snaps Club in Anger

18 July 2014, Posted by 0

Sweden’s Henrik Stenson frustration boiled over in the first round of the Open, and faces a possible fine after snapping a club over his knee.

Heading into the 17th hole, Stenson was level par, and after finding the long grass of the tee, he failed with two attempts to find the green and proceed to take it out on his gap wedge! After breaking the club he proceeded to pass it back calmly to his caddie Gareth Lord.

In a post round interview, Henrik joked of the incident “I slipped,” he said. “Let’s just leave it at that.” With all the equipment trucks on site the club will be mended in time for the second round. “They will fix it and knowing that makes it easier for us to break clubs,” he said. “It will need a bit of love after lunch.”

This isn’t the first time Stenson has had issues breaking clubs. At last year BMW Championship he broke his driver, before taking out some anger on his locker post round.


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