Golf World Spends Big Towards Houston Recovery

2 September 2017, Posted by 0

Golfers from the Lone Star state and across the US opened their wallets this week to donate money to the relief effort after the US’ fourth-largest city and nearby coastline endured the devastation of the Category 4 hurricane and its subsequent record-setting rainfall that has killed 33 deaths as of Friday.

Chris Stroud, a resident of Spring, TX, located north of Houston, had 20 people staying at his home this week after they were displaced by the flooding that basically shut the city of 3 million down from Saturday through Wednesday.

Stroud announced he would donate $10,000 and 10% of his earnings this week to the relief efforts. The Barracuda Open, which he won earlier this year, announced it would match that donation.

The PGA Tour will donated $250,000 and Dell, this week’s sponsor, which is headquartered in Austin, about two hours from Houston, pledged $500,000.


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