Phil Mickelson on Witness List for Vegas Gambler Trial

19 March 2017, Posted by 0

Phil Mickelson might say he has nothing to do with the insider trading case against William T. Walters, but Walters’ lawyers say differently.

As the Vegas gambler’s trial opened up in Manhattan on Wednesday, and the opening salvos showed Mickelson listed as 13th of the defense’s 20 witnesses.  Mickelson isn’t charged with any crimes or wrongdoing, however after being questioned by the FBI last year he did agree to turn over close to $1 million he had made from what is being deemed an illegal stock tip.

The SEC released a statement saying he had become “unjustly enriched” and must disgorge “ill-gotten gains” he made from trades Mr. Walters recommended.

Walters, 69, has been charged four other times with similar accusations, but has never been convicted. When Mickelson’s name was read on the witness list in court last Monday, one juror was dismissed from the pool by Judge P. Kevin Castel because of  what he described as a “look of rapture” crossing his face.

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